This section includes the products used to improve the features of our price list enamels and/or avoid application problems when they occur. The range is extremely wide and allows our primers or top coat enamels to be more effective. 

Siccative For Synthetics03.003Additives
Adhesion Promoter03.006Additives
Anti UV Agent03.007Additives
Blisterproof Additive03.009Additives
Antiskinning For Synthetic03.017Additives
Electrostatic Agent03.019Additives
Accelerator For Epoxy03.023Additives
Agent For Glass03.029Additives
Siccative For Polyurethane And Acrylics03.034Additives
Anti-graffiti Additive03.035Additives
Adhesion To Metal Additive03.040Additives
Accelerator For Polyurethane and Acrylics03.050Additives
Additive For Rust03.060Additives