The range of SIRO rust preventer primers is extremely wide and includes 1K products such as a one-pack zinc rich primer, a wash primer for special alloys such as the aluminium and/or the galvanized sheet, alkyd quick air-drying and vynil products. 

Among 2K products there are three epoxy primers and a white acrylic primer.

The epoxy sealer for filler completes the range of rust preventer primers. 


Epofix – Epoxy Primer, White29.3.90130Epoxy primers
Epofix – Epoxy Primer, Grey29.3.70121Epoxy primers
Epofix – Epoxy Primer, Grey R703529.3.R7035Epoxy primers
Epoxy Sealer, Clear29.1.00001Epoxy primers
Zinc Rich Primer, Grey39.4.70223Zinc rich primers
Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer29.4.70223Zinc rich primers
Sirodour – Wash And Shop Primer, Green49.9.60117Wash and shop primers
Acrydur – Acrylic Primer, Extra White69.3.90150Acrylic primers
Sirnox V – Vinyl Primer, Grey R704079.3MR7040Vinyl primers
Sirnox N – Quick Drying Primer, Grey79.2.70121Quick drying primers