For 20 years, SIRO has been producing and selling a wide range of car refinishing products labelled as “auxiliary”.

We send excellent 2K acrylic fillers and high quality 2K acrylic clears (MS,HS,UHS versions). The fast UHS clear has been recently introduced in the car refinishing line. The matt clear is another succesful reality. 

Bumper paints for plastic bumpers, the most used base coats of different colours and high quality thinners complete the range of car refinishing products. 

We can also mention in plate tin and in cartridge putties

Car refinishing products are: 

Basic 2 – 2K Acrylic Primer, Light Grey69.4.70133Sanding primers
Basic Air, Grey69.0.70134Sanding primers
Clear HS Thixotropic61.1.X69TXAcrylic clears
Basic 2 – 2K Acrylic Primer, Dark Grey69.4.70266Sanding primers
Basic BB, White69.3.90900Sanding primers
Nitro Filler, Grey49.2.R7047Sanding primers
Clear 60 UHS 42061.1.X60Acrylic clears
Clear 99 UHS 420 Fast61.1.X99Acrylic clears
Clear HS Scratch Resistant61.1.X30Acrylic clears
Clear MS Scratch Resistant61.1.X20Acrylic clears
Clear Matt HS61.4.X30Acrylic clears
Nitroalkyd Enamel, Metallic Grey41.1.90166Nitroalkyd enamels
Nitroalkyd Enamel, Glossy Black41.1.90128Nitroalkyd enamels
Nitroalkyd Enamel, Matt Black41.4.90128Nitroalkyd enamels
Nitroalkyd Enamel, Glossy White41.1.90130Nitroalkyd enamels
Nitroalkyd Enamel, Matt White41.4.90130Nitroalkyd enamels
Acryplast For Bumpers, Black Texturized48.3T90128Products for plastics
Primer For Polypropylene, Clear49.3.00002Products for plastics
Aluminium Chrome Base082.100Special effect products
Spatula Putty34.4.70175Putties
In Cartridge Putty34.4.70181Putties
Double Coat47.3Base coat
2K Glossy Acrylic55.1Acrylic enamels