Food contact top coats are tested by ASL for direct contact with food and beverages. 

Their use is now reduced by the laws that expect the use of stainless steel. Neverthless, food contact top coats are currently used in the food industry equipment, such as belts, potting machines, cisterns and tanks impermeabilisation, internal painting of trucks or carts used for food items transportation, such as meat, grapes and sugar. 

Name Cod. Line
Peeling Lacquer, Semiglossy White 47.1.90135 Peeling lacquer
Sirolux – Synthetic Quick Drying Enamel, Glossy IC194 White 76.1.IC194 Quick air drying enamels
Gold Effect Base 082.025 Special effect products
Copper Effect Base 082.020 Special effect products
Vitrifing, White Glossy 24.1.90130 Food contact products
Acrylac, White Glossy 60.1.90130 Food contact products
Polifan, White Glossy 68.1.90130 Food contact products
H.T. 600°C Silicone Enamel, Matt Black 45.4.90550 Silicone enamels
Sirolux – Quick Air Drying Enamel, Glossy IC105 Red 76.1.IC105 Quick air drying enamels
Sirolux – Quick Air Drying Enamel, Glossy IC444 Grey 76.1.IC444 Quick air drying enamels