The section assembles the hardeners used in all the series of 2K products: acrylics for car refinishing, polyurethane for industrial enamels and epoxy for primers and enamels. 

Acryrex – MS Standard Hardener01.H1Acrylic hardeners
Acryrex – MS Extra Hardener01.H2Acrylic hardeners
Acryrex – Slow MS Extra Hardener01.H2LAcrylic hardeners
Acryrex – Quick MS Extra Hardener01.H2RAcrylic hardeners
Acryrex – Standard HS Hardener01.H3Acrylic hardeners
Acryrex – Slow HS Hardener01.H3LAcrylic hardeners
Acryrex – Quick HS Hardener01.H3RAcrylic hardeners
Acryrex – Standard UHS Hardener01.H60Acrylic hardeners
Acryrex – Slow UHS Hardener01.H60LAcrylic hardeners
Acryrex – Quick UHS Hardener01.H60RAcrylic hardeners
Acryrex – UHS Extra Hardener01.H10Polyurethane hardeners
Polirex – Slow Not Yellowing Hardener For External Use01.012Polyurethane hardeners
Polirex – Hardener For PU Embossed Enamels01.013Polyurethane hardeners
Polirex – Not Yellowing Hardener For External Use01.014Polyurethane hardeners
Polirex – Medium Yellowing Extra Quick Hardener01.017Polyurethane hardeners
Polirex – Hardener For Internal Use01.025Polyurethane hardeners
Eporex – Hardener For Sealer02.001Epoxy hardeners
Eporex – Hardener For Zinc Rich Primer02.023Epoxy hardeners
Eporex – Epoxy Hardener02.025Epoxy hardeners
Eporex – Epoxy Hardener02.030Epoxy hardeners
Eporex – Epoxy Hardener02.031Epoxy hardeners
Eporex – Quick Epoxy Hardener02.140Epoxy hardeners
Eporex – Standard Hardener02.120Epoxy hardeners
Eporex – Quick Hardener02.150Epoxy hardeners
Eporex – Epoxyvinyl Hardener02.V50Epoxy hardeners