Protective clears are fundamental in the superficial treatement of metals, special alloys and plastics.

A large part of the furniture, accessories and lighting industry uses materials that have to be esthetically perfect and guarantee the highest chemical and mechanical resistance. We are referring to glasses, lamps, design objects, telephones, computers and other commonly used items. 

Precious materials such as brass, zamak, aluminium, steel and/or plastic polymers are generally used. The most used surface coatings in the past were special stoving enamels and thermosetting at 130-160° C enamels for metallic alloys protection. 

Two-pack acrylic products and special primers are used for plastics

SIRO offers a wide range of products labelled as “protective clear for metals” which is classified into:

  • Protective clear with air or low temperature drying: It is the most used product for easy applications and for no high chemical resistance. The most common applications are chandeliers, silver accessories and components furniture. 
  • Thermosetting protective clear: Nowadays it is the most used paint. It gives the best results in adhesion and chemical resistance. Solvent base paints usually are alkyd melamine based with stiffening at 130° C. The most precious ones, dried at 160° C, are acrylic, epoxy and polyester based. Polyester based have usually a higher chemical and mechanical resistance. Water base products are increasingly used thanks to their eco-sustainability.  
  • Two-pack protective clear: It is the most used product when high UV stability is required. Furthermore, it has consistence and resistance film. 

SIRO is leader in this market niche that needs high quality and film resistance warranty. 

Thermodur – Stoving Clear, Glossy12.1.00016Stoving clears
Thermodur – Stoving Clear, Matt12.4.00020Stoving clears
Thermodur – Stoving Clear, Glossy Extra11.1.00006Stoving clears
Thermodur – Stoving Clear, Matt11.4.00002Stoving clears
Nitroacrylic Siroid – Nitro Clear, Glossy41.1.00008Nitro clears
Nitroacrylic Siroid – Nitro Clear, Matt41.4.00008Nitro clears
Acrylac – Acrylic Clear, Glossy60.1.00001Acrylic clears
Acrylac – Acrylic Clear, Semi-glossy60.2.00001Acrylic clears
Acrylac – Acrylic Clear, Matt60.4.00001Acrylic clears