The range of SIRO thinners is planned to be the perfect completion of enamels. It has been studied in order to allow the operator to have a homogeneus product, fit for an accurate top coat. 

The range includes all the thinners necessary to dilute our price list products. They are high quality products that can replace those of the best competitors, according to suitable tests.  

It should be noted the completeness of acrylic thinners with six products.

Antifog Nitro Extra Thinner07.001Thinners for industry
Synthetic Thinner For Stoving Enamels07.003Thinners for industry
Synthetic Thinner For Quick Air Drying Enamels07.005Thinners for industry
Epoxy Thinner07.006Thinners for industry
Synthetic Thinner For Stoving Enamels07.010Thinners for industry
Polyurethane Thinner07.013Thinners for industry
Antifog Thinner07.020Thinners for industry
Slow For Polyurethane Thinner07.030Thinners for industry
Aromatic Free Washing Thinner07.033Thinners for industry
Slow Acid Thinner07.044Thinners for industry
Synthetic Thinner For Stoving Enamels07.062Thinners for industry
Extra Epoxy Thinner07.065Thinners for industry
Quick Acid Thinner07.115Thinners for industry
Standard Acrylic Thinner07.093Car refinishing thinners
Slow Acrylic Thinner07.094Car refinishing thinners
Medium Acrylic Thinner07.055Car refinishing thinners
Extra Acrylique Thinner07.060Car refinishing thinners
Extra Slow Acrylic Thinner07.075Car refinishing thinners
Quick Acrylic Thinner07.096Car refinishing thinners
Silicone Remover07.050Silicone remover
Quick Silicone Remover07.051Silicone remover