Car refinishing clears manufacturer

What are the main car refinishing clears manufacturer? the Automotive industry has its roots in four countries: the United States, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands. And Italy? the Italian companies that produce car refinishing clears and industrial truck refinishing products have always played an important role in the global market, having the Italian Style that the whole world envies. 

SIRO has been oprating for more than 50 years as a manufacturer of industrial enamels as well as body shop products. It guarantees important quality requirements such as gloss, durability and user-friendly. These features allow the coachbuilder to focus more on other aspects of his work, such as productivity, profit and customer satisfaction. 

SIRO is increasingly expanding in the Italian and foreign market, being a dynamic and modern company. Over the years, SIRO has also renewed its laboratory and production equipment. 

A summary of the main operational abilities:
•        laboratory activities in which tinters calibration, new pigment and resins tests, mechanical and chemical resistance tests are sistematically tested
•        control procedures required by ISO 9001 Quality System
•        the search for new colour formulations and the constant updating of the Siromix tinting system, both solvent and water base. The updating allows the development of enamels and primers that are characterized by high quality performances. They also fit for many uses on several materials (plastic, metal, wood). These are the main features that define SIRO as a leading company among the producers of industrial bodywork products.

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