SIRO quality


In the production of tinting systems and industrial coatings, the quality level of their production and control is fundamental to obtain certain results.

Tinters and binders batches increasingly change, but the result has to be always the same.

Hence, the quality level of the organizational set-up is the main element to consider. It analyses, improves and check the tinting system quality level. 

SIRO has been using quality systems since 1997 and it has the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 system certification.


ISO 12944-6 certification is a universally recognized standard concerning the corrosion protection of steelworks.

In C4 class corrosion, SIRO has decided to certify its successful cycles concerning industrial areas and costs. This certification can give the protection cycle user a reliable prediction of the maintenance phases.

SIRO has homologated an epoxy/polyurethane double coat cycle and a DTM acrylic cycle. In the future, SIRO is going to homologate ten different cycles in order to cover the widest possible range of applications.