Siromix tinting system is a refined industrial polyvalent system based on concentrated tinters and binders, both for primers and top coats. It is easy and accurate for what concerns the fidelity and reproducibility of colours. 

  • The traditional solvent base tinting system has more than 45 tinters: 20 standard tinters, 8 metallic, 8 pearl, 5 fluorescent and 8 special. Binders are approximately 40: 4 for alkyd and epoxy primers, the others for enamels of the most varied types.
  • Water base tinting system is composed of 22 concentrated tinters and 14 binders. 

Over the years, the system has evolved in order to satisfy market needs, such as DTM products and base coats. We have improved the formulation of metallic and pearly bases and found new solutions for bright colours in order to observe the pressing UE safety regulations, not forgetting the needs of operators plants. 

It is the ideal system that allows the advanced seller of industrial enamels to produce a wide range of high quality products rapidly and with excellent colour constancy. This provides to customers a complete and fast service.


A single software contains all the formulas, both solvent and water base. 

SIROMIX is the SIRO response to the formulator need. Official and customised formulas, technical and safety documentation, labelling, automatic or manual dosing. All in one program. It dialogues with the software of the main automatic feeding machines. When combined with the best spectrophotometers available on the market, it gives the highest ability and freedom to meet the demands of each customer.  


Furthermore, a complete equipment warehouse allows the SIROMIX tinting system use at different levels of technology and automation. The wide range of equipment includes: 

  • stirring cabinet for tinters (n. 20 positions)
  • 7 Kg and 35 Kg weighing machines 
  • volumetric and weighing automatic feeding machines
  • Stirring machine 
  • Chromatic scale box (2600 color references)
  • industrial color card
  • measuring stick 
  • counter or portable spectrophotometer