Building and repair body shop for industrial and commercial vehicles is increasingly demanding in terms of quality and aesthetics to be closer to car refinishing. 

We produce a wide range of truck refinishing products, which satisfies every particular manufacturer/supplier need. 

In the range of our truck refinishing products, three classes have to be considered: 

  • Polyester putties: Our price list considers 3 polyester putties: standard extra putty, light putty and fibreglass putty.
  • Primers: The range is wide and includes different epoxy primers: a one-pack zinc, a wash primer, a 2K acrylic primer (standard and wet on wet) and one-pack primers (oleophenolic and vynil). In order to obtain primer colours, binders for epoxy and oleophenolic primers are available.  
  • Top coats: Truck refinishing products are available in our price list as both hardeners and white version. HS products are acrylic and extra polyurethane. UHS range, that represents the best of truck refinishing products, includes 420 2K acrylic fit for car/booths and UHS polyacrylic fit for big surfaces painting. 

Beyond these standard products, two lines of 2K DTM acrylic products (HS and UHS) are available. They do not need a filler primer and they are suitable for châssis painting. 

For internal use of vans and wagons, 3 certified food contact products are available according to the requirements of Regulation (EC) 1935/04 for use in direct contact with food.

For plastic bumper painting, bumper paints and primer for polypropylene are available.