This section includes all the ready-to-use products. that is products already formulated and immediately usable by the consumer. 

For what concerns the solvent line, we offer not only a wide range of epoxy, acrylic, wash and alkyd primers, but also three certified food contact products, silicone products for high temperatures (600° C), peeling lacquer and quick air drying alkyd products for truck chassis coating. 

We can also offer a wide range of stoving, nitro and acrylic clears (both gloss and matt) for special alloys protection

Auxiliary products line for car refinishing play an important role. It includes 1K and 2K sanding primers, matt and rapid UHS, HS, MS clears, putties, black and aluminium nitroalkyd enamels and plastic products. We can also offer a range of ready tinters. 

For what concerns the water line, ready products include the epoxy primer, the epoxy clear sealer and the alkyd grey primer.