Car refinishing products represent a whole, important and succesful range in SIRO price list. 

It includes 2K acrylic sandable primers, 2K acrylic MS, HS, UHS clears (quick and matt), bumper paints, nitro products and thinners. A limited series of ready top coats is also available by request.

For what concerns primers, we can offer different products: 1K filler for repairs, 2K filler for general use, a quick 2K filler and a wet on wet primer. 

2K standard gloss clears are: MS, HS and UHS. We can also mention the fast clears UHS, HS and MS. The matt clear completes the range. 

We can also mention the range of nitro products: white, black, metallic (both gloss and matt) and products for plastic bumpers (both primer and textured top coat). 

SIRO also offers some specific products, such as the range of 2K acrylic, a limited series of coloured top coats and binders. 

In addition to high quality acrylic thinners, the range of putties completes the car refinishing line.