Why choose the SIROMIX water base tinting system?

  • Firstly, because it is a concrete response to the pressing demands of the market for a new and safe industrial painting technology
  • Secondly, because it allows to remove permanently the false hopes that first generation water base products have given.
  • Thirdly, because it allows to see with your own eyes the surprising aesthetic and technological results offered by the best water base tinting system of the latest generation. Water is now at the same level of solvent. 

We can anticipate European laws, increasingly stricter to COV solvent products and be sure of both results and respect for the environment. 



  • Proposing a water base tinting system which can provide environmental responses even when the high solid products are no longer acceptable. 
  • Moving to the new water base tinting system the experience gained so far in the use and improvement of the solvent base system. 
  • Proposing protection and aesthetic features not exceeding those offered by solvent base systems. 
  • Developing technologies based on raw materials and additives of the latest generation in order to become a point of reference.



Whole quality and environmental protection by those who know well the quality. 

With the water base tinting system, the latest technologies have been used to achieve concrete results in the whole environmental protection. Thanks to the cooperation of the most important chemical industries, we have developed high quality tinters and binders. 

We have tested and searched for the best raw materials to obtain concentrated, lead-free, solvent and amines free, highly stable, dispersible and light stability (COV = 0) tinters

The constant laboratory commitment has allowed the achievement of a whole range of binders, solvent free, having higher quality technical and aesthetic features.