Water base tinters have been planned to achieve the maximum environmental compatibility level. This means that non-toxic pigments and the lack of cosolvents provide aesthetic and technological results comparable to the solvent ones. 

The hiding power of water base tinters is very high and similar to that of the solvent tinting system for what concerns the choice of pigments and concentrations. 

It should be noted that water base tinters have less stability that solvent ones (one year maximum). They also are sensitive to low temperatures (10° C minimum). The warehouse has to be well programmed for both products quantity and environmental quality. 

The main features of our water base tinters are: 

  • High pigment concentration.
  • Use of specific dispersing agents and not binders.
  • High settlement, flocculation and pigments flotation stability.
  • Maximum development of tinting power. 
  • Low viscosity. 
  • Computerized control of shades and chromatic yield. 
  • Lack of organic solvents and dyes which contain heavy metals (such as lead, chromium, cadmium). 

Matting Agent WB08W.002Water base tinters
Neutral WB08W.005Water base tinters
Medium Yellow WB08W.107Water base tinters
Lemon Yellow WB08W.112Water base tinters
Orange WB08W.114Water base tinters
Red Fuchsia WB08W.119Water base tinters
Oxide Red WB08W.122Water base tinters
Green WB08W.124Water base tinters
Oxide Yellow WB08W.125Water base tinters
Blue WB08W.126Water base tinters
Violet WB08W.127Water base tinters
Black WB08W.128Water base tinters
Red WB08W.129Water base tinters
Titanium White WB08W.130Water base tinters
Amaranth Red WB08W.133Water base tinters
Textured WB08W.040Water base tinters
Aluminium WB08W.066Water base tinters
Coarse-grain Aluminium WB08W.077Water base tinters
Medium Yellow Standard WB08W.111Water base tinters
Lemon Yellow Standard WB08W.115Water base tinters
White Pearly WB08W.401Water base tinters
White Fine Pearly WB08W.402Water base tinters