Clears for car refinishing

There was a time when everything concerning the colours and the clears for car refinishing was a relatively simple fact for a professional coachbuilder. Vehicles colours were not so many so it was enough to use the ready colours of the varnish factories. Later, thanks to the exponential growth of cars, the increase of body colours also emerged. Even today, when a coachbuilder has to carry out a repair and the consequent painting, he has to cope with a wide range of colours. The ready colours are still useful but they have been replaced by the tinting system.


Siro has been one of the first companies in Italy to launch an industrial tinting system. It’s name is Siromix, that is a refined polyvalent industrial system based on concentrated tinters and binders for both primers and topcoats. It is very easy from an operative point of view, particularly accurate in the fidelity and reproducibility of the colours. It is a system that Siro continues to innovate and evolve, to respond quickly and systematically to the most current needs of the industrial and automotive bodywork sectors.


The traditional solvent-based tinting system has more than 45 tinters: 24 standard, 7 aluminum, 7 pearl, 5 fluorescent and 4 special. The binders are about 40: 2 for alkyd and epoxy primers and the others for enamels.The Siromix water-based tinting system, consists of 22 concentrated tinters and 17 binders. It also enhances the ecological features of this system which allows professional coachbuilders to apply coatings and tinters for any kind of vehicle.


The success of SIRO is certainly also due to Siromix: a single software that contains all the formulas, which communicates with the softwares of the main automatic feeding machines. When combined with the best spectrophotometers on the market, it gives the formulator the maximum freedom to create a complete range of colours for the bodywork. 


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