Putty for car refinishing

The bodywork dents, which are present in commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles and cars, do not represent a problem only from an aesthetic point of view. Regardless of whether it is a small or big damage, the real problem of a bodywork dent arises later, if it is not solved promptly by using high quality bodywork putties. Let’s think about infiltrations or the formation of rust that could extend progressively, affecting also the surrounding parts, increasing even more the damage and deterioration of the vehicle. 
SIRO offers coachbuilders putties for commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles and cars. These putties cover every need of repair, allowing to obtain perfectly smooth surfaces, reducing time and difficulties during processing. 
The range of putties includes in cartridge putty, spatula putty and extra spatula putty. They are characterized by special spatulability, compactness and low adsorpion of varnish
They are specific products for the restoration and the maintenance of every kind of bodywork and every kind of customer need. In fact, from the truck refinishing to the car refinishing, putties represent one of the best offers on the current repair market. They are soft and creamy putties, fit for greater ease of application, excellent adhesion, high durability and good resistance to atmospheric agents. 
When combined with sandable primers, clears for car refinishing and SIRO enamels for the painting of plastic and thermoplastic materials such as ABS and bumpers, car refinishing putties allow to realize only precision repairs on the bodywork, both in the commercial vehicles and in the cars line. 
Polyester putties, primers and topcoats: this is the range of putties for professional coachbuilders, even the most demanding. 

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