SIRO produces and sells solvents and solvent base products for industrial use, made specifically for several sectors: car refinishing, building and boating. 
SIRO offers a wide range of solvent base primers, topcoats, binders, thinners, car refinishing clears, protective clears, special alloys and additives. They are high quality products, also guaranteed by the special skills of a company that has been operating for more than 50 years in the industrial enamels sector. 
As part of protection and painting systems for metal and plastic, SIRO offers formulas for industrial bodywork, machine tools, operating machines, agricultural machines, cycles and motorcycles but also special alloys and glasses protection. 


To learn more about chemistry world 

Solvent: it is the chemical substance that, in a mixture of several chemical species, is present in a majority quantity. Its molecules completely surround those of the others substances, reducing both the interactions between them and those with external forces (for example gravity). 
Solute: it is a part of solution. In particular, the solute is the component of the solution whose state of aggregation is different from that of the solution itself. 

Solution: a solution is a homogeneus mixture in which one or more substances are contained in a liquid or solid or gaseus phase. It contains different particles mixed and distributed uniformly in the available space so that each solution volume has the same composition as the others. 

Binder: it is a substance that, added in a small quantity to a chemical reaction, it modifies the value of the reaction speed without being consumed during the reaction itself. Binders can be divided into two categories: positive and negative. Positive binders increase the speed of reaction, while negative ones decrease it. They are also called inhibitors. 

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