The SIRO stirring cabinets can program the tinters stir in order to obtain the best results according to the use. 

There are two kinds of stirring cabinets for tinters: the standard one (n. 20 positions for 3,5 L tins) and the second one, fit for smaller uses, which allows the use of 12 pieces for 1 L tins  in combination with 8 pieces for 3,5 L tins. 

Name Cod. Line
N° 20 Positions For 3,5 Lt. ATZ MOD20 Stirring cabinet for tinters
Stirring Lid For 3,5 Lt. Trimatic ATZ COP2 Lids
N. 20 Positions (8×3,5 and 12×1) ATZ MOD41 Stirring cabinets for tinters
Adapter For 1 Lt. Tin ATZ ALZ1 Adapters
Stirring Lid For 1 Lt. Trimatic ATZ COP1 Lids