Solvent tinters of the industrial tinting system have been planned to overcome the quality limits of the first generation systems. 

Thanks to new technologies, selected resins and dispersant agents, solvent tinters allow the following results:  

  • High concentration level of solvent tinters 
  • Minimum pollution level of the final product with resins deriving from solvent tinters 
  • Accuracy of the reference colour and excellent reproducibility

The second aspect is fundamental for solvent tinters, as it influences the chemical and mechanical resistance features of the protective film. If the enamel produced with the tinting system is more polluted than resins and tinters can accept, the protective film will not have the chemical and physical features that we expect to obtain from such an enamel. Thanks to the SIROMIX system, tinters pollution reaches minimum levels. 

By using the computerized spectrophotometer, the coverage optimization of each colour allows a homogeneus yield throughout the various colours. This means having a good coverage for generally low-covering colours and considerable tinters savings for high-covering colours. 

Colour accuracy is essential for the user because it allows to contain time and costs. It also avoids long colour matching steps. 

SIROMIX solvent tinters are characterized by high concentration, tone stability and yield among the various batches and by the use of extremely stable pigments to the light. 

The system is evolving thanks to the addition of solvent tinters made with vanadate ecological pigments and organic/titanate pigments.  

Chromium-based pigments have been deleted.    

From this year on, metallic and pearly tinters are directly supplied as metallic and pearly base coats in order to be more compatible with base coat, 2K polyurethane, acrylic systems and others. 

Titanium White084.130Standard tinters
Base Coat Leveler047.000Base Coat
Solid Medium Yellow084.101Standard tinters
High Coverage Lemon Yellow084.102Standard tinters
High Coverage Warm Yellow084.103Standard tinters
Ochre Yellow084.125Standard tinters
Organic Orange084.108Standard tinters
Fuchsia Red084.119Standard tinters
Oxide Red084.122Standard tinters
Scarlet Red084.132Standard tinters
Violet084.127Standard tinters
Amaranth Violet084.133Standard tinters
Green084.124Standard tinters
Blue084.126Standard tinters
Alpha Blue Phtalo084.134Standard tinters
Black084.028Standard tinters
Deep Black084.120Standard tinters
Neutral084.005Standard tinters
Fine Aluminium084.066Standard tinters
Coarse Aluminium084.077Standard tinters
BV Lemon Yellow084.204Standard tinters
BV Medium Yellow084.205Standard tinters
BV Orange084.206Standard tinters
BC Fine Extra Alu (C)047.050Metallic bases
BC Fine Alu (C)047.066Metallic bases
BC Medium Alu (C)047.067Metallic bases
BC Coarse Alu (C)047.044Metallic bases
BC Medium Alu (L)047.037Metallic bases
BC Coarse Alu (L)047.077Metallic bases
BC Coarse Extra Alu (C)047.069Metallic bases
BC Fine Alu (L)047.074Metallic bases
BC Pearly White047.401Pearly bases
BC Fine Pearly White047.402Pearly bases
BC Pearly Shot Blue047.403Pearly bases
BC Pearly Shot Green047.404Pearly bases
BC Pearly Shot Violet047.405Pearly bases
BC Pearly Yellow047.406Pearly bases
BC Pearly Red047.407Pearly bases
BC Microtitanium047.230Pearly bases
Fluorescent Yellow080.10105Fluorescent tinters
Fluorescent Orange080.20108Fluorescent tinters
Fluorescent Pink080.30100Fluorescent tinters
Fluorescent Red080.30109Fluorescent tinters
Fluorescent Green080.60106Fluorescent tinters
Diluting Resin For Tinters084.000Special tinters
Matting Agent084.002Special tinters
Fine Textured Effect084.008Special tinters
Textured Effect084.040Special tinters